The Structure Of The Approved Dissertation Dedication

A dedication in dissertation is a chapter or page where you recognize the person, idea or institution that inspired you to pursue and complete your PhD. In most cases, it goes to family members like parents, brothers and sisters. It may also go to distant relatives who have been inspirational in the academic journey of the student.

The dedication of dissertation may also be to institutions or ideas that have shaped your thoughts and life. It is common to see a student dedicating his work to the course on human rights, children, war victims and heroes, a team of researchers and such entities. You are free to dedicate the page or chapter to the person or entity you choose. No one will ever penalize you for it.

Are there special requirements for your dissertation dedication page? Well, the language should be that of recognition and appreciation. The chapter is written in prose that takes a justification angle. You must also adhere to writing rules including proper grammar, formatting and adherence to spacing instructions.

Here is a simplified guide on how to craft your dedication page.

  • Check Your Instructions
  • Instructions always indicate what is expected of your paper. Some departments expressly provide for the dedication page. Others are silent on this chapter. Consult your supervisor on what is expected from your department. The supervisor will provide proofread dissertation dedications examples that you can use to work on your paper. Such examples and guidance from your supervisor is a guarantee that your paper will meet the required standards by the department.

  • Make it Personal
  • There is no much pressure on the dedication compared to other chapters of your paper. You are at liberty to dedicate the work to anyone in your life. There are dedication examples that will guide you on how best to craft the dedication. However personal the chapter will be, it must be presented in grammatically correct language and with proper justifications. There are no references or citations required for this section. However you can put some interesting dissertation dedication quotes that capture your intentions.

  • It is Not an Acknowledgement
  • There is a great deal of different between a dedication and an acknowledgement. Acknowledgement captures people who have directly helped you in completing the paper. This could include your researcher, supervisor, librarians, data analysts, field assistants and such other helpful persons. The dedication is supposed to show the motivation or drive behind working on your paper. From dissertation dedication examples obtained from reliable sources, you will find the dedication being personal. It points at such persons as parents, lower grade teachers, friends, and people who have nothing to do with your paper.

The best way to craft a captivating dedication is to use a proofread dissertation dedication sample. Consult your supervisor when crafting the dedication to ensure that it meets expectations by the department. It is allowed to have a paper without any dedication.

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