Setting Up a Writing Plan Before You Start Creating Your Dissertation

What is a Writing Plan?

A writing plan is both a schedule and an outline. It helps keep you on track as you complete each part of your research project and guides you through the different sections. Use these steps to create a writing plan.

  • Step 1: Set Milestones for Your Assignment
  • The milestones this step refers to include the following things:

    1. Choosing a final topic
    2. Finishing your research
    3. Making a brief outline
    4. Writing a detailed outline
    5. Creating your rough draft
    6. First revisions
    7. Creating a second draft
    8. Proofreading
    9. Finalizing your paper

    Break down the number of days that you have to complete your final project according how many days you want to allocate for milestone.

  • Step 2: Break Your Thesis into Sections
  • Since your thesis is such a large piece of work, you probably will not complete this step on the same day as Step 1. This is best completed after you have done your research.

    The key to dissertations is to break down your ideas into easily readable and identifiable parts. You will do this by creating headings and subheadings, with lengthier projects including chapters as well. The easiest way to tackle your first outline is to break up your ideas according to their headings and subheadings.

  • Research Question or Thesis Statement
  • It is important that dissertations are relevant and that unnecessary information is not included. Before you compose the outline, write a research question (what you are solving with your work) or your thesis statement across the top of the page. Refer every point back to the statement, ensuring that each is relevant in proving the main point of your paper.

  • Step 3: Assign Deadlines to Each Part of Your Assignment
  • Once you have headings and subheadings, you will find that your project has become more manageable. Think about the number of sections that you have compared to the number of days you plan to spend working on your rough draft and plan accordingly.

    You may find that you want to jump around with your research. It is okay if you do this on the rough draft, especially if you already have the headings in place. Assign yourself a certain number of headings per night and do not worry what order you write them in.

Another Writing Plan Consideration: Plan for the Worst

We cannot always plan for what life throws at us. You may have a sudden upsurge in the amount of college homework that is due or there may be a death in the family. It is always best to try for a deadline a few days ahead of the real project deadline. By scheduling this way, you will have a few days extra in case you need to do studying or homework for another class or you will be able to deal with an emergency. You may even find you just want to take a night off- relaxation is important too!

Writing a dissertation

...can be a daunting task for even the most experienced college student. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the assignment easier. Keep the above tips for forming a writing plan in your mind to ensure your finished product is a success.